Starfall:Mobile is a Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy Game in a self-generated galaxy with more than 10.000 solar systems, including more than five planets each.
Each player joins on of the two fractions, the Scarotic-Union (a insectoid race) or Wei-Corp (a human mining company).
They start on a procedurally generated planet, where they can build up their empire by colonising the planet with different buildings like mines and refineries. These buildings unlock more advanced parts of the tech tree, like the possibility to build new buildings or to create advanced and more powerful units like the jumper or the battlecruiser. The player has the opportunity to attack other players on their planets to steal important resources and to destroy their infrastructure.
In later versions players will be able to take control over multiple planets and join a clan, cooperating with other players in order to control large parts of the galaxy.
The game is currently available for Android Devices and PC.