Starfall is a real-time strategy game that features interplanetary battles.
The game’s background-story is set to take place in a fictional environment: a galaxy with
several procedurally generated planets and asteroids that are meant to be discovered and
conquered by the participants of a match.

The story for this specific setting does currently consist of two fractions: humans and aliens.
The humanoid fraction is represented by WeiCorp, which is a huge mining company. Their
original main goal is to find new resources in endless space, taking over newly discovered
planets in order to gather valuable materials.

The conflict arises when WeiCorp encounters another species: the Scarotic-Union, an
alien-like race that takes all risks to defend its territory.

In order to be more of an eye-catcher than its previous version, Starfall’s overall ambience is
rather bright and is mostly based on friendly and saturated colors. The idea for the artistic
style is based on cartoonish design elements, everything is chosen to fit a common low-poly

At the beginning of the game, you either choose the human or alien fraction and start off with
your mothership in space. This unit is necessary to settle down on a planet of your choice
and transforms into your headquarter once a suitable planet has been found. Afterwards, the
sole purpose of the game is to find a great strategy to build up an economical yet defensive
empire and protect your buildings against attacking units from another empire.

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