The Curse of Chocoland is a 3D third person Action RPG game with a lot of Hack and 
Slash elements. 
It can be loosely compared to other Hack and Slash titles such as Sacred, Diablo or Path of Exile although the controls differ a bit.
This is due to the fact that Curse of Chocoland uses a control scheme more similar to MMORPGs than to other Hack and Slash RPGs.
Casting spells as well as moving the character or the camera around resemble the gameplay of a MMORPG more closely than they do a classic “Diablo”-style game.

In the game the protagonist experiences a journey through a world made of chocolate.
One day, they mysteriously wake up in a strange, foreign world and immediately realize that something is not quite right there.
It all seems beautiful, cute and seductive but there is a strange chill in the air that soon makes them realize that there is evil around.
In their homeland they were a brave warrior who fought side by side with the king in many battles, so they know how to use a sword.
This knowledge is quite useful because it’s not long after their awakening that dangerous creatures attack.

While playing the game the story will be less important. The main focus is instead on giving the player a world made out of chocolate which they can explore.
The story is always there to guide the player’s character through the world, but it fades into the background eventually.

The game is made using Unity3D and currently three different stages of the game are playable.